Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Chat With An Old Friend..


I just ended a 2 & a half hours conversation with an old friend on YM. Wow, we knew each other since secondary school (i was in form 4 & he was form 5). He was my first & last local pen pal. Masa tu semua org tgh gila mencari kenalan dalam majalah Galaxie. And now, after 12 years we still haven't got a chance to meet each other face to face. We did exchange some photos (zaman2 suci dulu) & we talked to each each other on the phone every Raya until we completed our university years. I guess work & personal life parted us. We stopped calling each other after some time, but I do keep track on his updates on Friendster (laa ni semua layan FB nooo). He had good job after grad, been to overseas few times, in relationship 2 times (hehe, aku kira aa...), and just recently changed his job to Cyberjaya.

Looking back, I think he is one of the 'best' decision I've ever made in my life. He's always been a good influence, kind of a mentor to me. From study tips (bdk MRSM katakan..), religion (mula2 x pandai kwn ngn pompuan, pehtu pandai sendiri jer...), love life & carrier wise..It just felt so good to have a conversation with him and what I cherished the most is, we have a common understanding of alot of things in life, atau dlm kata lainnya pemikiran kami 'sekufu'. It's amazing how we can really talk about anything, or everything. The only guy next to him which I can have a decent conversation with was my-ex (which is a longggggggg time ago).

I really missed having a good, meaningful conversation with someone like i used to have with him. (and my-ex). Growing up, they played a very significant role in my life. Listening to their word of wisdoms is like a therapy or me. I've never mentioned this to them, but I looked up to them highly. Err, do I missed my ex?? Naaa...I wish him well, we're just not meant for each other. As for my pen pal, we might not be as closed as we used to be like our skool time, but I pray he'll find happiness, and also find a gud girl as a wife soon! We r not getting any younger, Azam!:)


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crash Boom Bang (Part 2)

Haa..tu ramai la yg dah kene Monday Blues tu..esok nak keje kan??? well, akak takde blues pun sbb dari khamis dh keje..malah, td pun akak pi office ngadap komputer sensorg..(apa la nak jadi dgn aku..)

Okeh, to those yg rajin nak baca, yesterday morning (saturday), when i was busy patting compact powder to my face (bg extra puteh la konon) i heard a very loud BANGG...I tell you, it was so loud I was stunned for a few seconds. Gaining conscious, I quickly stormed out to the front hall. I saw something, exactly like what I've imagine before this. A crashed car, scattered sliding doors, and thick smoke suffocating my chest. No, it's not a scene from a movie, it's my MOM pipel!! stuck in her 6 months old VIVA..Ya Allah, rasa nak pengsan! Lucky she's okay, and lucky my WLK next to her car suffered a slight scratch only. Huhu! Lucky no one (nor cats)was injured during the incident.

I was so againts my mom wanting to buy an automatic car because she hardly ever drove a car. she has a license, but that's about it. so, i told her to enrol for refresher course for drivers, then only buy a car. That was what my late father told me before, when i wanted to buy my own car. He only let me drove it on my own after 1 month of free refresher course from him..But then again, my mom hardly ever listened to me, neither do I. And yesterday the thing that i was so worried of actually happened. She said she mistakenly pressed the fuel pedal instead of the brake pedal. But for me it is simply because she's not yet confident & comfortable with the car !! I have my sisters & brothers to be blamed as well coz they are the one who made her wish come true, just to make her happy & to stop her from nagging.

I guess I was so angry because I already see it's coming, and that loud bang..My God, I still could hear it in my ear drum. It was nasty, and my house was without doors for half a day.

Ohh, I already have so many things that gives me head aches, I'm gonna let this one go. I just hope somebody at least learn their lesson.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Esok aku dah keje..duhhh..

kat umah i tgh ada org dtg skang.. i plak dok layan blog..haha..burinks siang the whole family went to tapah. my brother in law beli dusun durian. the banglo was still under construction but i assume by end of the year it will be completed. enjoyy!! we had durians and nasik lemak by the river and the childrens held their very own diving competition. not so "betul" way to celebrate raya..but then again, it's the only time we can have the whole family gather around. aku rasa kera-kera dalam hutan tu pun tension dgr suara kitaorg terjerit-jerit.

hmm, i had a bad incident yesterday. mende kecik je pun, but it made me wonder (again..)about how some people can take others for granted so hmm, "innocently". get what i mean?? wat-wat mcm tak bersalah and bg alasan bodoh. alahai, i pun sempat la smash barang sedas dua kepada sahabatku ittew, "ehh, aku tak kecik ati la, biasala kawan-kawan mmg mcm tu. apa sgt la setakat tunggu ko 2-3 jam tu..mende kecik jer...". ok tak?? kalau x paham gak aku kene ckp jawa lak pehni..ruined my raya jer. to make things worst tv umah lak wat perangai xleh, melepas la i nak layan filem2 & drama2 raya..aduhai..esok kalau x siap gak tv tu aku gi tgk "NUR KASIH" dkt kedai mamak..

oww, kenapa sy kene keje esk??
1. saya tak sanggup nk cuti solid seminggu dan balik opis just utk kene bombared dgn org2 sengal kat kilang least, sy ada preparation 2-3 hari..hehe

2. dh dkt end month, target RM1.5 mil is far from management tak abis2dok perasan..sure wat2 tergezut nnti, sdgkan dr awal bulan kita dah present sales portfolio bebagai..buhsan aku dgn org2 ni..bdk2 production sure kene bambu, sian diorg..tak sampai ati lak aku nk cuti best2 kat umah..

3. hehe..sebenarnya aku ni simpan cuti utk sabah trip end of october nnti..bukannya aku baik sgt nak keje..hehehe..padan muka korg warga kilang S*A*C* sekalian..aku takde nnti pandai2 la korg wat planning..hahahahha...

ok la, kalau i buhsan i update lg k..(ada ke org tingin nak baca ponn???)

p/s: aku nk bisnes sendiri laa..ada sesapa nk bg modal tak?? :))


Friday, September 18, 2009


Assalamualaikum..last day puasa ehh?? I'm at C.C next to a PC house right now. Quite bengang coz i just found out that my new notebook cannot connect directly to the phone cable for internet dial-up. I have to change to stremyx or broadband..huahhh betapa ketinggalannya aku tentang dunia IT ni..then again, i was never a gadjet freak..hehehe..takpe la, after raya my next mission is to buy either celcom broadband or digi broadband..anybody have any suggestion??

oklah, i nak balik dah...mengamuk mak i kang kalau lama2 sgt lari dr tugas..esok dh nak, di kesempatan ni saya nak mintak ampun & maaf pada sapa2 yg rajin singgah blog saya yg hina ni, mana tau kot2 ada yg berkecil hati..

till then, take care!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yeahhh...the journey continues!!

Assalamualaikum..ahlan wasahlan ya ramadhan..ada org tu cakap dia tggu blog updates aku..fullamakk...buleyy percaya ker?? ana bukanlah blogger tegar mcm enti wahai cik mama hadif oii..ana hanyalah blogger yg meroyan skali skala ajer..apa2 pun, CAYALAH untuk diri sendiri coz b'jaya gak wat entri utk bulan August!!! yeahh!!!

Well, i would like to share with you guys whom might be interested..about my job la..(haku mana ada love life pun nak story..wakakakaka)..setelah bermacam2 dugaan selama berbulan2, akhirnya aku telah diserapkan secara permanent kat dept yg aku x suka tuu..dan org yg aku replace (for maternity leave) pulak telah ditransfer ke dept yg lain (dept ni pun request for me to be the assistant in the first place..) so, as u guys can imagine, it was quite a controversy gak reason was bcoz xde org dpt agak mende ni jadik..dari awal i dah sealed my lips with a super glue tau! tup2, memo plak kuar about the transfer, tak ke gempar tuu..honoustly i have no problem with the lady, we are good disebabkan hal ini she was quite bengang & even decide to resign..setelah dipujuk2 pleh HR, she finally agree to stay..and she said she knows it was not my fault..bukan i yg tergedix2 nak sgt amek tmpt was 100% the management decision..(dia tak tau aku dok meroyan kat sini selalu), biasala..kalau aku jd dia aku pun akan pissed off kan..

So, esok bermula la episod baru aku sebagai "yg permanent" kat dept ni..bukan lagi "org ganti"..hahaha..yg kita x suka tu la selalu akan dtg bergolek balik kat a way, i was proud of myself bcoz i manage to get through it wisely..and i did a good presentation to the management wp lutut aku ketar sebenarnya..haha, dulu hari2 attempt nak resign..alih2 aku pulak yg diserapkan..Nampaknya, there is no time to back off, i have to work hard & smart (to always protect my a**) from now on..i know the presure's on me now, the game is on..and i can sense alot of people just waiting to see me fall..i will not let that happened..after all the suffering that i've been through?? NO WAY MAN!!!

Well, last but not least..i wanna say many thanx to all my frens who have been there for me through this challenging period ..aku rasa aku berjaya harini sbb korang turut mendoakan aku..tenkiu2...i lap u oll la! Okay la noqs, akak ucapkan selamat berpuasa & beribadat bersama org tersayang yer..tata..till nex time..

p/s: cik sam, jgn ko berani2 menforwardkan blog haku ni kat kengkawan opis kita..amaran kerajaan malaysia nih!! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hebat tak?

it's been a while. tak sangka ada jugak org sudi baca blog saya. hahahaa..tenkiu sgt..igt kan saya ni dok mengomel sensorang ajer kat sini..sbb pada saya blog adalah ibarat diari elektronik tempat kita mengomel dan mengutuk boss, tak lupa orang2 yang kita menyampah tahap gaban, namun begitu kita tak lah pulak sampai tergamak nak memaki hamun mereka secara live..terpaksalah story kat sini secara anonymous..(mau la terus kena fired atau kene flying kick!) hehehe..apa la yg aku merapu nih..
apa pun, saya nak meluahkan yg ada masa-masanya saya begitu tertekan dgn kerja baru saya yg pada asalnya hanyalah 'temporary task'..nampaknya mereka makin selesa plak membuli saya dan mahu saya menjadi 'permanant' di sini.."we think you are doing a good job here"..iyolah tu, podacit!
I don't like myself when I'm on stress, orang lain lagi la menyampah kann..lagi la mereka tak hingin nak dekat dgn saya.. kalau saya happy, saya boleh jadi orang yang paling baik pernah wujud di kilang ini..tapi lately, saya lebih sering menjadi hijau(incredible huk ler tuu) berbanding menjadi ibu peri macam mak angkat si bawang puteh ittew yang sering menunaikan permintaan orang ramai.. saya rasa keje saya membuatkan power mata saya mencanak-canak naik, muka makin byk jerawat sampai kene gi jumpa skin specialist (RM....)dan badan saya yang debab ni boleh plak susut dgn sendirinya wp sebelum ni saya punya la berjogging dan telan teh orang kampung berpaket-paket, haram tak turun walau 500 gram ponn..hebat tak kerja saya??
harini saya agak bengang sbb seorang engineer telah menggelakkan saya yg blur giler bila mereka membincangkan tentang hal2 technical yg saya sering buat2 paham..lantas memberi komen berikut, "cik tim, aku rasa ko ni kene kawen cepat la, sbb dah makin blur jer sekarang ni.." ciss, bedebah sungguh jejaka hensem ittew. berani dia membuat lawak perkara yg sungguh sensitip bg dan rakan-rakan saya. saya pun terus bengang dan swipe card saya tepat pukul 5 petang tadi buat pertama kalinya dalam masa 2 bulan ini. hebat tak saya?
okeh la, entri kali ni saya takmo maki orang la. letih la, bukan dapat setel masalah pon. tambah dosa lagi adoo diorg org kafir, tak pe kot kutuk sbb diorg ttp akan masuk neraka gak kalau tak peluk Islam. maafla kalau saya buang masa anda baca corat coret saya yang tak berilmiah ni. jgn maki saya tauu..
p/s: saya sgt suka drama "Nur Kasih" kat TV3 setiap jumaat kul 9 mlm..something that i look forward to after a week of torture..ish, tak baik merungut..kang jd hijau lagiikk..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bumble Bee Grumbling!

It’s May, the 2nd. How time flies. I’ve been meaning to blog from day to day but my work got in the way most of the time. Is life good at the moment? Hmm, not very.

I used to work as a PP (??) in a small department with merely 20 employees. My manager rarely speaks to me (except on technical matters where I’m totally ‘lost’), my subordinates seldom gives me much headache, my colleagues and I juggled from work & office gossips most of the time. My working hours was flexible & I could take five for coffee at any time I wish. Life couldn’t be better!

Last few months, due to the economic crisis, the management has decided to transfer me to the service centre department. Here, I was assigned as the master PP for all the departments instead of servicing to only one department. How did I took it? Well, I didn't really see that I have many options. So I said yes, without expecting too much. A promotion? Nah. It was more like an opportunity to learn new things. When you are working in manufacturing sector there is never a guarantee. So you just got to grab as many opportunities that comes along the way while you are still hot & marketable (it’s the truth!) Little did I know that the new department I’m handling is no different than an Emergency Room (only without the pregnant ladies going for labor). Everything is urgent. I mean EVERYTHING! People walk 3 times faster & talk 3 times louder. Meetings are held a several times in a day. Most came in to work very early in the morning, took a very short lunch and went home around 8 to 9pm every day.

3 months has passed. The biggest challenge we have now is struggling to clear a big amount of backlogs from previous months order to our customers. I wonder how they could work in an ER every single day and yet the crisis is not solved. Everyone seems fine with it. As an outsider, a junior, most of the time I just observe. I only speak when someone ask me to. My new boss already demanded a report on all the observations & improvements. That is my main task. Oh, why do they have to drag me from my happy spot into this mess? I’m still digesting. But I think it’s best if I list out all my findings here.

1. Non Efficient WIP Monitoring System
The MRP system has so many drawbacks here and there. It cannot even display a thorough overview of the WIP (work in progress). You had to click on the page one by one to obtain a very simple info. The controller end up calling for meeting every day with the production guys just to know how much is the WIP. Are you kidding me?? We are now in the year 2009! We don’t do manual work anymore! The world is just a click of button away from you! And yet they invested RM600K for the system that doesn’t serve the purpose. Might as well just create a file in Excel Format, ask every department to daily input the data from their end, and the controller just need to view the file in order to do his or her job chasing the lots. No unnecessary meeting required!

2. Over commit: Demand > Capacity & Availability.
The product required by the customers varies from time to time. The latest requirement is not inline with the current production capacity. In normal cases we can deliver a product within 3 weeks time, but the new product required a longer cycle time to be manufactured. If the PP still commits the dates according to the old capacity (which is obsolete in this case) you can already foresee a backlog. But the PP & Sales had to oblige with the customer’s date and just taking chances because customers likes to reject the actual dates they provide. I can see this is the culprit of the whole problems that arises. They should be firm with their decision & do it right in the first place. You shouldn’t make promises you cannot fulfill. If you cannot deliver early means you cannot deliver early, unless you do improvements to speed things up.

3. Working Culture
The staff had too many manual work to do, which is evidently time consuming and not productive at all. They are so stuck up with their own task and have little time left for brain storming or value added activities. Stress, is a very important factor too. The unsolved problems have causes people to be numb. It is difficult for them to change as they are slowly loosing the drive and motivation. They just accept it as it is. I guess they are just frustrated.

What can I do?
1. Identify the main caused of the backlogs: unrealistic delivery dates to customer
2. Rectify the problem:
Improvement -> create a method of how to come out with the best delivery date for customer and document it for future reference
Obtain current information -> revised cycle time & lead time for all process
WIP monitoring tool -> for quick action, to create an overview file with Excel, extract the data from the current MRP system
Working style -> cut out on manual work & create shortcuts, eliminate non productive activities
Communication & Information flow -> obtain actual overview of production activities from the operators & technicians

I already have some ideas. So now it’s time to get it done. It might not be the best idea in the world, but someone had to take the first step. Hope I can get back the coffee break I’ve been longing for very soon.

p/s: haha, it's labor day and I'm still thinking about work. No wonder I don't have a love life!

Friday, March 27, 2009

28, and wiser..

I’m officially 28 years old today (Aww!!)..Not many people knew/noticed it was my b’day (aku x ler glamer pun..hik..hik) But the thing is I just wanted a relax & laid back b’day bash..So I celebrated the night with my 2 closest buddy whom have shared our ups & down since we were 13 years old..We drove around Ipoh Town for almost 2 hours looking for the best dining place (food & budget wise), and end up at the same place where we had our buka puasa 2 years back. Alahai..Rugi petrol sihh! Worst, we only have 1 hour left before the place closed down..hehe..Lucky we still managed to indulge some blueberry cheesecakes, herbs & black pepper lamb chops with hot tea & fruit juices..Yeayy!! And it was yummy..Then, the journey continues for a karaoke session..hehe..3 ladies memekak at a ‘dangdut’ concept karaoke singing “Pelamin Anganku Musnah!!” Hahaha..We had a blast! And of course, we end the night with our girly talk at Peng’s house until 5.30am..Sleep for mere 3 hours, had a hearty breakfast before we finally parted. We laugh, we cry, we gossip and we fight with each other all the time for the past 15 good years despite the fact that we are 3 different souls with few similarities (we are single + available, sweet & gorgeous..wah!) What makes us sticked together is because we respect out differences, we listen, but we don’t judge..At this very moment, I think I’m fine without without my PUTERA KATAK, yet, as I have the best girls to cheer me up when ever I need it. But when I do found my PUTERA KATAK ittew, you guys are still in my wanted list. Huhu..Luv you guys!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

crash boom bang!

Driving my WLK to work this morning was a smooth one, not too many cars and lorries on the road..(p/s: I hate lorries! I had to replace my front glass screen (err??) becoz of few rocks flown from their big tyres..and there goes my RM430!!)As I was approaching my office I saw a police petrol car guarding a Proton Wira which had an accident earlier barely 100m from my office..the damage was quite bad, but luckily I did not see any victims lying on the ground..yikes! I guess I was thinking about the accident too much until I was rudely awakened by a loud bang sound! Waa...Dammit! My car was scratched to the company's automatic gate! How come I didn't realize the gate was moving?? Seriously I didn't!!, I now own an ugly silver WLK wif green stain on the right hand door..and that is how i started my day today..huhu..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Recession :(

Recession..Time for reality check guys..
Well, I was still in high skool when the last economic crisis hits Malaysia in 1998..back then i wasn't fully aware of the impact of this catastrophe to our daily living..after being in the working industry for the past 4 years, i finally get to experience the taste of recession in 2009..Wallawei, working days cut, salary cut, and finally job cut (mintak simpang!) It's a nightmare for us, (korg keje gomen selamat laa..) but surprisingly I've been very optimistic & positive since the very beginning of it..Some frens even question my chirpy mood when coming to work every day! Hehe..I'm not chirpy for no reason, I'm actually consoling my heart, mental & emotion as to not let myself be devastated or demotivated by the whole thing..Instead, i strongly believe this is the TIME for us to be proactive & creative than usual. Tough time will pass, but only tough people will stay..So, gear up and start working on your plan NOW! Grab any opportunity in front of you (legal only okayy..) and don't let fear be in your way..Let us all work hard to overcome this trying event gracefully (can I say that?? but, you know wat i mean laa)..


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