Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Friday, March 27, 2009

28, and wiser..

I’m officially 28 years old today (Aww!!)..Not many people knew/noticed it was my b’day (aku x ler glamer pun..hik..hik) But the thing is I just wanted a relax & laid back b’day bash..So I celebrated the night with my 2 closest buddy whom have shared our ups & down since we were 13 years old..We drove around Ipoh Town for almost 2 hours looking for the best dining place (food & budget wise), and end up at the same place where we had our buka puasa 2 years back. Alahai..Rugi petrol sihh! Worst, we only have 1 hour left before the place closed down..hehe..Lucky we still managed to indulge some blueberry cheesecakes, herbs & black pepper lamb chops with hot tea & fruit juices..Yeayy!! And it was yummy..Then, the journey continues for a karaoke session..hehe..3 ladies memekak at a ‘dangdut’ concept karaoke singing “Pelamin Anganku Musnah!!” Hahaha..We had a blast! And of course, we end the night with our girly talk at Peng’s house until 5.30am..Sleep for mere 3 hours, had a hearty breakfast before we finally parted. We laugh, we cry, we gossip and we fight with each other all the time for the past 15 good years despite the fact that we are 3 different souls with few similarities (we are single + available, sweet & gorgeous..wah!) What makes us sticked together is because we respect out differences, we listen, but we don’t judge..At this very moment, I think I’m fine without without my PUTERA KATAK, yet, as I have the best girls to cheer me up when ever I need it. But when I do found my PUTERA KATAK ittew, you guys are still in my wanted list. Huhu..Luv you guys!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

crash boom bang!

Driving my WLK to work this morning was a smooth one, not too many cars and lorries on the road..(p/s: I hate lorries! I had to replace my front glass screen (err??) becoz of few rocks flown from their big tyres..and there goes my RM430!!)As I was approaching my office I saw a police petrol car guarding a Proton Wira which had an accident earlier barely 100m from my office..the damage was quite bad, but luckily I did not see any victims lying on the ground..yikes! I guess I was thinking about the accident too much until I was rudely awakened by a loud bang sound! Waa...Dammit! My car was scratched to the company's automatic gate! How come I didn't realize the gate was moving?? Seriously I didn't!!, I now own an ugly silver WLK wif green stain on the right hand door..and that is how i started my day today..huhu..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Recession :(

Recession..Time for reality check guys..
Well, I was still in high skool when the last economic crisis hits Malaysia in 1998..back then i wasn't fully aware of the impact of this catastrophe to our daily living..after being in the working industry for the past 4 years, i finally get to experience the taste of recession in 2009..Wallawei, working days cut, salary cut, and finally job cut (mintak simpang!) It's a nightmare for us, (korg keje gomen selamat laa..) but surprisingly I've been very optimistic & positive since the very beginning of it..Some frens even question my chirpy mood when coming to work every day! Hehe..I'm not chirpy for no reason, I'm actually consoling my heart, mental & emotion as to not let myself be devastated or demotivated by the whole thing..Instead, i strongly believe this is the TIME for us to be proactive & creative than usual. Tough time will pass, but only tough people will stay..So, gear up and start working on your plan NOW! Grab any opportunity in front of you (legal only okayy..) and don't let fear be in your way..Let us all work hard to overcome this trying event gracefully (can I say that?? but, you know wat i mean laa)..


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