Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Saturday, April 10, 2010

'Office' sick..


I've shifted into a new world. I've changed job. Motives?

1. At my previous company, I was assigned to handle this one dept. My direct boss was actually from a different dept than mine, so most of the time I worked independantly. But because of that too, a few other managers acted like they were also my boss. Giving me instructions on this & that, I can't make my own decisions, can't do things my way, but when things go wrong I'm the first to be query! My GM is more dissapointing than ever, all he wants is good result, but he never care what shit we have to go through! Almost everyday I had to staybacked up to 8-9 pm in order to get my work organized, I gave 110%! I was so sick of driving at nite from work & arrived home 40mins later. It was brain & energy draining, I just lost my motivation to work. I need a change, or else I'm gonna drown. That's when the new offer comes in.

2. New company is known for the Japanese working culture - dicipline & systematic. They work long hours too, but they have good system to support them. I can claim OT for all the extra hours, plus it is only 10mins drive from my house! Most important, I see this as an opportunity to gain more knowledge & experience, to prepare myself for the next level in my carrier. I can't be a mere officer forever right?? I also dream of starting my own bussiness someday. I know I have the potential, but it's still inadequate without the new skills, knowledge & experience.

3. The pay is much higher than my old place. I'll just swallow all the 'bad' things @ my new place. HAHA!

Yeah, apart from all this, I must admit. I am 'office'sick..I miss my old place. I really2 love my old collegues..they are more than collegues, they are true friends..They sends me SMS every now & then, telling how much they miss me. Especially, the European working culture is totally different than Japanese. Both have pro & cons. I'm still adjusting. But hey, I'm a survivor! I can survive anywhere!! (note: self motivation..)

I'm still in mix emotions, but I still have along way to go..

An old post.

I went to KL last Feb for a friend's wedding. Managed to catch a train at 6 pm. The ride was a smooth sailing. My sister was quite late to pick me up at KL Sentral, so I took the opprtunity browsing over stuffs @ GME Factory outlet. Bought 2 pairs of Diesals shirt at Rm56.90. Kewl. But the shoes, owhh man..found some awsome pairs of stillettoes with bargain price!! I walk to & fro for almost 4 times, thinking wheather i should buy them or not. But I end up declining the shoes, walking away with almost teary eyes..(drama!!)..Uhuk..I just can't walk in high heels! Uhuk!!

Back to the topic, after the wedding on Saturday, I catched a taxi from my sister's house to Bandar Tun Razak LRT station. I bought a ticket to Masjid Jamek as I always do, meaning to change to Putra LRT which will bring me to KL Sentral. As I was waiting for the train, I was quite confuse to see a KTM station next to it. Ehh, bila plak ada KTM kt sini? That was when I realized the taxi guy drop me @ LRT Bandar Tasik Selatan! Patut la mcm penah dtg sini..I was there once when visiting my friend in UKM.I should have opt for the KTM komuter. Direct to KL Sentral..Sengal..hehe..but never mind that. I can use this route next time.

As I only dropped by KL once in a blue moon, I always got confused which way for the right train, left or right? But it's not a problem really. I always survive by asking ppl around. So I saw a bunch of young Malay gurls (bebudak sekolah yg overly dressed up) and ask one of them if this is the right train to KL Sentral. I asked her twice, she just looked at me blankly, and WALKED AWAY!! What??? Then I quickly asked another gurl the same question, and she too WALKED AWAY!!! what the #$%^&&...All of a sudden a chinese lady rush towards me asking if this train is going to Ampang. I just said, "Sorry aunty but I also dunno lorr..those gurls dun wanna tell me!" "Haiyya.." The chinese lady said. Lucky a young boy later showed me the right train, even though mcm nak tak nak jer..better than nothing right?.

I was shaking my head thinking about the incident. Apa nak jadi le bebudak KL skang ni..tak hormat org lansung. They are leaving in their own fairytale world, and don't care about other ppl. But I don't blame them 100%. Thanks to their super kewl pa & ma yg also dun like ppl to care about their children..(jgn jg tepi kain org..)

So, finally I managed to arrive @ KL Sentral 1 hour b4 my departure time. I sat there, waiting for the gate to open with L.M Montgomery novel in my hand. Out of no where, a chinese girl approached me, asking me if I could look after her bags (total 4 of them!) coz she need to collect her train ticket from her friend @ the monorail station. Giloss!!Train in leaving in 30 minutes time. But I said okay, since we will board the same train but better be quick. She took my hp number and ran. I can't continue my reading, as the clock is ticking but the gurl is still no where to be seen. When everybody storm down to board the train, I text her and said I can't wait for her anymore, but I put her stuffs under the chairs. She keeps texting me apologizing for the trouble. I really felt sorry for her. Then just a few second before the train's leaving, I saw her! I patted on her shoulder & she say thanks again & again. She look like she just completed a marathon! hehe..

The chinese girl dropped off @ Kampar and we waved at each other. Then I received an SMS from her, saying her many thanks, and she hope to by friends with me, and meet again in the future. I replied her, and was smiling all the away to my home town thinking about the chinese girl and 'those' Malay KL girls. Maybe you have to be a kampong girl to know the meaning of courtesy, and I'm glad I'm one of them.


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