Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Helloooo…Happy February everyone!! I'm gonna blog about my previous trip to Sg. Dorani, Selangor but let's have this intermission first okay. :) Gosh…it’s the second month of the year already yuollz. How time files! Err, what’s my 2011 goals again? 

1. ATV (All Terrace Vehicles) ride - Done on 01.01.11. Okay, good start.

2. The Biggest Looser Asia – Has been diligently dieting & mildly working out. However, the result is still not satisfying.

3. Style Me Right - Got few ideas to transform my boring style from Hana Tajimaa and Jana (UK) blogs so I bought some new clothes recently. Sadly I’m still not comfortable wearing them due to my XXL size. Uwaaa….

4. Fly me to the moon – Haven’t bought any flight ticket to anywhere yet. It’s so difficult when you do not have the right ‘kaki’ to go for travelling. Must grab 1 fast! Sabah~Korea~Makkah~New Zealand..bla..bla..bla..

5. Say no to Acne – This is my biggest enemy of all time! I’ve been battling with it since I was 12. It got better for a while when I entered university in 2001 (thanks to Dal-T). Now it’s back. It’s a never ending battle! Just purchased a new skin care (again) on last Saturday. We’ll see how it goes. :(

6. Stock Exchange – I’ve decided to forget about my MLM biz for awhile, bcoz I have doubts, and I don’t like it. I’m waiting for the ‘drive’ again. Apart from that, I make sure to stash away a portion of my salary into ASB and Kak Juju’s kutu scheme. Hehe..I think I’m on the right track. But I need MORE…$$$$$$. Rob a bank maybe?

7. Ukhrawi – I am a practicing Muslim, but am I good practicing Muslim? There are so many loops and holes. I need to nourish my ‘foundation’, ‘interior’ and ‘exterior’. Dear Allah, pls have mercy on me.

8. Soul mate – O! Darl..where art thou? It’s February already, and I’m gonna hit 30 this year. Please reveal yourself FaSt!! Ppalli oppa!! **sigh**

Ok, panic attack. Gulpp..Help..S.O.S..


  1. 1. U XXL???? Oh dear.. STOP whining coz ure NOT!!
    2. Yes, both of us will be 30 this year. I'm still cool for now. Unfortunately my mom's not. :( and it got me really scared because she has started to make secret plans behind my back!!!

  2. Owh!'s the thing..
    1. I'm actually 'M' depending on a good day..
    2. Bcoz I'm 'M', I need to wear 1 size bigger la that's 'L' for me.
    3. However, I'm all 'XL' on the 'upper' & 'lower' part of d body..hihi..if u knw what I mean..
    4. So next 'XL" is XXL! See??

    And owh!! ada secret plans!! likey alot!! :)


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