Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Friday, March 27, 2009

28, and wiser..

I’m officially 28 years old today (Aww!!)..Not many people knew/noticed it was my b’day (aku x ler glamer pun..hik..hik) But the thing is I just wanted a relax & laid back b’day bash..So I celebrated the night with my 2 closest buddy whom have shared our ups & down since we were 13 years old..We drove around Ipoh Town for almost 2 hours looking for the best dining place (food & budget wise), and end up at the same place where we had our buka puasa 2 years back. Alahai..Rugi petrol sihh! Worst, we only have 1 hour left before the place closed down..hehe..Lucky we still managed to indulge some blueberry cheesecakes, herbs & black pepper lamb chops with hot tea & fruit juices..Yeayy!! And it was yummy..Then, the journey continues for a karaoke session..hehe..3 ladies memekak at a ‘dangdut’ concept karaoke singing “Pelamin Anganku Musnah!!” Hahaha..We had a blast! And of course, we end the night with our girly talk at Peng’s house until 5.30am..Sleep for mere 3 hours, had a hearty breakfast before we finally parted. We laugh, we cry, we gossip and we fight with each other all the time for the past 15 good years despite the fact that we are 3 different souls with few similarities (we are single + available, sweet & gorgeous..wah!) What makes us sticked together is because we respect out differences, we listen, but we don’t judge..At this very moment, I think I’m fine without without my PUTERA KATAK, yet, as I have the best girls to cheer me up when ever I need it. But when I do found my PUTERA KATAK ittew, you guys are still in my wanted list. Huhu..Luv you guys!


  1. akum....
    hi tim...kak maya nie
    ingat lagi kat tim...
    wendu sgt ngan tim...
    bila nk dtg melaka..
    kedatangan tim amat di alu2kan...

  2. wah...terharu mak baca entry nyah...hahaha....

    thanks beb!!!!!!!! ;)

  3. bila nak g melaka lg nih...kmaya dah pelawa tu...hehe

    p/s : "Jat da da da"....adakah inspirasi dr lagu dia fadila????haha

  4. kak maya: waa..dpt jemputan lg?? WGP, pinggul wa dah gatal dah ni nak pi trip mlaka lg nih..beshh woo..amacam?
    WGP: hohoho..i pun terharu..
    p/s: Jat da da? i loike..the beat makes me wanna move like the penguins in Happy Feet!


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