Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crash Boom Bang (Part 2)

Haa..tu ramai la yg dah kene Monday Blues tu..esok nak keje kan??? well, akak takde blues pun sbb dari khamis dh keje..malah, td pun akak pi office ngadap komputer sensorg..(apa la nak jadi dgn aku..)

Okeh, to those yg rajin nak baca, yesterday morning (saturday), when i was busy patting compact powder to my face (bg extra puteh la konon) i heard a very loud BANGG...I tell you, it was so loud I was stunned for a few seconds. Gaining conscious, I quickly stormed out to the front hall. I saw something, exactly like what I've imagine before this. A crashed car, scattered sliding doors, and thick smoke suffocating my chest. No, it's not a scene from a movie, it's my MOM pipel!! stuck in her 6 months old VIVA..Ya Allah, rasa nak pengsan! Lucky she's okay, and lucky my WLK next to her car suffered a slight scratch only. Huhu! Lucky no one (nor cats)was injured during the incident.

I was so againts my mom wanting to buy an automatic car because she hardly ever drove a car. she has a license, but that's about it. so, i told her to enrol for refresher course for drivers, then only buy a car. That was what my late father told me before, when i wanted to buy my own car. He only let me drove it on my own after 1 month of free refresher course from him..But then again, my mom hardly ever listened to me, neither do I. And yesterday the thing that i was so worried of actually happened. She said she mistakenly pressed the fuel pedal instead of the brake pedal. But for me it is simply because she's not yet confident & comfortable with the car !! I have my sisters & brothers to be blamed as well coz they are the one who made her wish come true, just to make her happy & to stop her from nagging.

I guess I was so angry because I already see it's coming, and that loud bang..My God, I still could hear it in my ear drum. It was nasty, and my house was without doors for half a day.

Ohh, I already have so many things that gives me head aches, I'm gonna let this one go. I just hope somebody at least learn their lesson.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Esok aku dah keje..duhhh..

kat umah i tgh ada org dtg skang.. i plak dok layan blog..haha..burinks siang the whole family went to tapah. my brother in law beli dusun durian. the banglo was still under construction but i assume by end of the year it will be completed. enjoyy!! we had durians and nasik lemak by the river and the childrens held their very own diving competition. not so "betul" way to celebrate raya..but then again, it's the only time we can have the whole family gather around. aku rasa kera-kera dalam hutan tu pun tension dgr suara kitaorg terjerit-jerit.

hmm, i had a bad incident yesterday. mende kecik je pun, but it made me wonder (again..)about how some people can take others for granted so hmm, "innocently". get what i mean?? wat-wat mcm tak bersalah and bg alasan bodoh. alahai, i pun sempat la smash barang sedas dua kepada sahabatku ittew, "ehh, aku tak kecik ati la, biasala kawan-kawan mmg mcm tu. apa sgt la setakat tunggu ko 2-3 jam tu..mende kecik jer...". ok tak?? kalau x paham gak aku kene ckp jawa lak pehni..ruined my raya jer. to make things worst tv umah lak wat perangai xleh, melepas la i nak layan filem2 & drama2 raya..aduhai..esok kalau x siap gak tv tu aku gi tgk "NUR KASIH" dkt kedai mamak..

oww, kenapa sy kene keje esk??
1. saya tak sanggup nk cuti solid seminggu dan balik opis just utk kene bombared dgn org2 sengal kat kilang least, sy ada preparation 2-3 hari..hehe

2. dh dkt end month, target RM1.5 mil is far from management tak abis2dok perasan..sure wat2 tergezut nnti, sdgkan dr awal bulan kita dah present sales portfolio bebagai..buhsan aku dgn org2 ni..bdk2 production sure kene bambu, sian diorg..tak sampai ati lak aku nk cuti best2 kat umah..

3. hehe..sebenarnya aku ni simpan cuti utk sabah trip end of october nnti..bukannya aku baik sgt nak keje..hehehe..padan muka korg warga kilang S*A*C* sekalian..aku takde nnti pandai2 la korg wat planning..hahahahha...

ok la, kalau i buhsan i update lg k..(ada ke org tingin nak baca ponn???)

p/s: aku nk bisnes sendiri laa..ada sesapa nk bg modal tak?? :))


Friday, September 18, 2009


Assalamualaikum..last day puasa ehh?? I'm at C.C next to a PC house right now. Quite bengang coz i just found out that my new notebook cannot connect directly to the phone cable for internet dial-up. I have to change to stremyx or broadband..huahhh betapa ketinggalannya aku tentang dunia IT ni..then again, i was never a gadjet freak..hehehe..takpe la, after raya my next mission is to buy either celcom broadband or digi broadband..anybody have any suggestion??

oklah, i nak balik dah...mengamuk mak i kang kalau lama2 sgt lari dr tugas..esok dh nak, di kesempatan ni saya nak mintak ampun & maaf pada sapa2 yg rajin singgah blog saya yg hina ni, mana tau kot2 ada yg berkecil hati..

till then, take care!!

The Clan