Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Chat With An Old Friend..


I just ended a 2 & a half hours conversation with an old friend on YM. Wow, we knew each other since secondary school (i was in form 4 & he was form 5). He was my first & last local pen pal. Masa tu semua org tgh gila mencari kenalan dalam majalah Galaxie. And now, after 12 years we still haven't got a chance to meet each other face to face. We did exchange some photos (zaman2 suci dulu) & we talked to each each other on the phone every Raya until we completed our university years. I guess work & personal life parted us. We stopped calling each other after some time, but I do keep track on his updates on Friendster (laa ni semua layan FB nooo). He had good job after grad, been to overseas few times, in relationship 2 times (hehe, aku kira aa...), and just recently changed his job to Cyberjaya.

Looking back, I think he is one of the 'best' decision I've ever made in my life. He's always been a good influence, kind of a mentor to me. From study tips (bdk MRSM katakan..), religion (mula2 x pandai kwn ngn pompuan, pehtu pandai sendiri jer...), love life & carrier wise..It just felt so good to have a conversation with him and what I cherished the most is, we have a common understanding of alot of things in life, atau dlm kata lainnya pemikiran kami 'sekufu'. It's amazing how we can really talk about anything, or everything. The only guy next to him which I can have a decent conversation with was my-ex (which is a longggggggg time ago).

I really missed having a good, meaningful conversation with someone like i used to have with him. (and my-ex). Growing up, they played a very significant role in my life. Listening to their word of wisdoms is like a therapy or me. I've never mentioned this to them, but I looked up to them highly. Err, do I missed my ex?? Naaa...I wish him well, we're just not meant for each other. As for my pen pal, we might not be as closed as we used to be like our skool time, but I pray he'll find happiness, and also find a gud girl as a wife soon! We r not getting any younger, Azam!:)


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