Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010: Final Post

Salam & greetings!
Blogku dah bersawang dan naik semak samun setalah hampir 8 bulan tak di update..tsk..tsk..tsk..bizi keje ke senah?? konon...padahal sejak2 keje tmpt br ni belum kul 6 ptg dah ngadap FB or dok dpn TV kat rumah..sempat la aku tgk si Chinta Chanduri tu mati dlm baju pengantinnyer ittew..owh! takde update, sbb takde citer menarik utk dikongsi. Life adalah sgt normal. Takde drama2, takde episode duka berendam ayor mata, NADA. A bit bored u may say, tp bagus juga mcm nih. At least emosi berada dlm tahap yg sgt stabil. Tidak fluctuating. Hihihi..

I did some deep thinking. Honestly, I think my blog is a total crap. I put no justice to my writing skill in here. I need to make something beneficial of my blog. Rather than just to pour my heart out which has a no ending story, I'm thinking of turning it into a travelogue. You see, I love to travel places, so much! But since my budget is often limited, I prefer the DIY style. And a lot of my friends complimented me that I really am GOOD at this. I like doing research from the net & from people's experience. And of course, finding the cheapest but comfort place is the ultimate victory! (Read: cheapskate). Hehe..why not? Better splurge all the money on trying all the good food instead. So I'm in the midst of compiling my old pictures and itinerary of my traveling experiences. When everything is all set, I'll start writing soon. Resolution? Let's just start small. Can't wait for 2011! 



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