Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Journey to Korean Music Wave 2011 in M'sia part 3 : BIGBANG

Post KMW Concert - Stadium Merdeka 

After the abrupt ending of the KMW Concert, my friends and I choose to linger in the stadium with quite a big crowd of VIPs. I guess we were still in a denial that BigBang’s performance already ended. The securities kept on instructing us to leave the stadium. With heavy hearts, we started to walk towards the right & left side of the stadium exit (stairs), but they had blocked the middle stairway instead with a few securities on standby. In a split seconds, there was a thunderous roar from the people at the stadium and we saw GD, TOP and Seungri’s slowly climbing the middle stairway in casual clothing and shades. I’ve never seen guys wearing sunshades in the middle of the night as HAWT as them before! I could see GD clearly, smiling and waving to the remaining crowd and there’s TOP and Seungri following behind him. Yeah…the screaming was endless!! We tried to get near them but to no prevail because of the securities. So we stormed outside with the hope to catch them before they ride the SUV. But again, they disappeared! Haha..It’s like they have a Doraemon magic door or something. But I was so damned satisfied! At least, it helped to cure my disappointment earlier. 

It was really a night of mix emotions for us. We were really high during our boy’s performances, the next moment we almost broke down in tears when the show ended. Before we knew it, we were all jumping in the air to catch the sight of GD, TOP and Seungri’s leaving the stadium. As we walked along the main road from the stadium to get back to our hostel, we couldn't stop expressing our feelings. Suddenly we heard a police siren in the middle of the moving cars. I saw 2 white vans following the police ride and we could see the people inside looking very Korean. We jokingly said that must be the YG dancers! Behind these vans was a white SUV with super dark tinted windows, exactly like the SUV that GD, TOP and Seungri’s rode at the airport! My brain instructed me to ZOOM at the car’s plate number. Ohmaigod!! I couldn't believe it’s the same freaking SUV!! DoubleDoubleDoublecombo!! (I know some of you might not believe me, but I've checked it many times from my friend’s video cam, just to be sure). I quickly screamed to my friends, HEY, IT’S THEM!! And all of us starts waving like a crazy women as the SUV passed by!

When we reached our hostel, we started texting our friends to find out where the boys are heading to and when is their flight back to Korea. Since we do not have access to internet, we were depending on them to update us Twitter, BB fansites and FB infos. Some says they went to Genting Highlands (famous theme park in Malaysia) right after the concert to chill   and will be going back with the 7am flight on Sunday. Some says they will depart at 11pm instead (which is impossible for me to go). OMG, it was so frustrating! I had set my phone alarm at 4am, and wake up everybody when it rang. We had a short meeting (while half asleep) and finally decided not to go the airport for the 7am flight because of the doubtful info. We went back to sleep but I kept checking my hand phone until the battery finally kaput! 

I decided to take the train back to my hometown after we had brunch. While waiting for our food, I  made a phone call to a friend from the public pay phone. It was approximately 11.30AM,  and that's when she dropped the bomb! Somebody updated on twitter that they saw GD & TOP and Seungri just departed to S'pore with the 11AM flight!!! I repeat, 11AM! I looked at my wrist watch and was like, pfffttttttttttttt!!! There were only a few fans at the airport, I guess not many people knew about it either. But still, we could have definitely catches them if we insisted on going for the 7am flight. Dangg...Yes, I'm still suffering from the heartache and heartbreak of this incomplete parting.  Come back soon boys, OR noona will have to hunt you down at the BIG SHOW CONCERT in Korea next year. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Journey to Korean Music Wave 2011 in M'sia part 2 : BIGBANG

KMW 2011 in Malaysia Concert
There were 4 of us going together, geared up in BigBang’s BIG SHOW UNIQLO T-Shirt. We had our early dinner and arrived at Merdeka Stadium around 6.30pm. The crowd outside was crazy! Most of BB merchandises were sold out. I met a lot of my forum buddies and even bumped into my colleague from the office! By 7.00pm the stadium was almost fully occupied. Our group bought the RM288 ticket and we were seated at block D, row 5. It was in the middle of the field but the minute I sat on the chair I knew it’s going to be a battle to view our boys clearly. Even worst, the girl seating in front of me was so tall!! 
Personally, I think the stadium was not the best venue for KMW Concert. The stage was supposed to be like “H” shape, but they build a "T" shape stage instead. Since it’s an outdoor stadium, it’s really a constraint for us to see the performer. Even though Galaxy (organizer) did set up 2 giant screens, they were hanged too low! We had trouble to see the performer on the stage and we got only ¾ views from the screen. But one thing I’m really satisfied of was the sound system. Thumbs up!
The concert was supposed to start at 7.00pm and ended at 9.30pm, but to our dismay it only started after 7.30pm. I’m going to fast forward all the performances and will go back to my snail mode right before BB made their appearance. Line up as per below:
  1. Local duo artists did beat boxing and rapping (sorry, dunno who they were)
  2. FT Island sang 5 songs – I’m not a Primadonna (FTI fanclub) but I really enjoyed Lee Hongki’s husky voice! The best vocal of the night! I bet all the primadonna was very happy that night. 
  3. Teen Top sang 5 songs – The voice and the songs were just so-so. The look was wired. The dance was too choreographed. Not my cup of tea. 
  4. 4-Minutes sang 5 songs – Quite energetic, Ji Eun vocals was good (I knew her from Immortal Song) but I just don’t like Hyuna’s nasal vocal and dance. She was trying real hard to look all sexy and kept flaunting her hips for no reason. Aiyoh! Sorry, I just don’t like her. 
  5. UKISS sang 5 songs - I’ve heard about the group, but I don’t recognize any of their songs. I think they are cute, friendly, but their performance was quite boring. I did yawn 2 to 3 times hoping for them to finished early. They disappeared after their performance and the MC announced UKISS had to catch the flight back to Korea right after they performed.
  6. Park Jung Min (SS501) sang 5 (or was it 4?) songs – I think PJM have quite a big fan based from his SS501 days in Malaysia, but his solo was not that impressive. The thing I like was his fan service. He smiled and focused at the fans most of the time and even spoke in Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. Nice. During his last performance, people started bringing out their crown light stick and BB banners. We knew who’s next.

By the time the MC announce V for Victory, the whole stadium transformed into a totally different atmosphere! As if people were conserving their energy, to save the best for LAST! When we heard the intro to VVIP, people started screaming hysterically. Everyone was up on their feet, no more seating and started to move with the music! Everybody went high! Yes, you read it right. EVERYBODY! Clad in black tux with white shirt and a black tie, Seungri hypnotized us with his sleek & sexy dance. Oh my, he looked so handsome! Baby panda, thank you for changing your 'ahujmma's hairstyle (which I hated so much) before coming to M'sia! Maknae scored full points during the interview by conversing in English!! The crowed was cheering for him so much that he teases us by putting his hands to his ears to hear more!
Seungri: What's up Malaysia! What's up I'm Seungri from BigBang..
MC: Seungri, how does it feel, being in Malaysia?
Seungri: Finally, BigBang is here. It's my first time in Malaysia..So, I'm excited.
MC: I think the fans, are more excited. What do you think of the fans here in M'sia?
Seungri: Malaysia's fan..BAGUS..(means = good. Crowd screaming like crazy when he pointed his finger to everyone!!)
MC: More than bagus! I'm gonna teach you to say, SANGAT BAGUS..
Seungri: SANGGATT BAGUSS..(Crowd screaming louder!)
MC: Very good..very bagus, that means..
Seungri: aaahh, like AWESOME? (Crowd: more screaming!)

MC: Yeah!
Seungri: SANGGATT BAGUSS everyone!! (again pointing his finger to the crowd)
MC: Can the fans in Malaysia expect to see you more often?
Seungri: Aaa, I wanna see you soon like in a concert..
MC: You guys have alot of concert you can go to now. You can go to his concert, PJM concert, and go to Seungri and BigBang concert..
Seungri: Err, I think..err, I don't like concert, I wanna..I wanna..I WANNA LIVE HERE!
(Maknae killed all the noonas in an instant!!)
MC: I bet they are so excited they are going to say, come to my house!(Actually, I couldn't hear a single word because of the thunderous roar!)
Seungri: Err, let's have some love tonight. 
MC: Sounds good. Seungri is gonna make you guys have the best night of your life!
Seungri: Are you ready for party tonight!!! Next song is Strongg Baybie!

Awsome Seungri did the Strong Baby. Everybody did the clap! clap! clap! dance together..It's damn hilarious and so much fun! I saw even the non VIPs was dancing like crazy! Hehe..Maknae ended his part with What Can I Do. This time he asked us to jump! jump! during the chorus. Well, of course we did! Maknae, you've made noona very proud that I really felt like crying! 
A very familiar intro music started playing in the air. Peogigayo...Peogigayo…Peogigayo..Oh Yeah! We knew who is next! In a blink of an eye, everyone jumped onto their chairs! LOL! I was worried I might block the view for the people behind me, but to my surprise they were  standing on their chairs too! Well, the securities finally gave up..Coz it's GD & TOP, kicking of their performance with Knockout!
GD and TOP wore fancy jackets with screaming colors, jeans and shades! They scored full points as Seungri as both used English during the interview. GD's English was smoking sexy, just like his rap!! It felt like a serenade to my ears…Hahaha!
TOP: Oh yeah!
Crowd: Oh yeah!
GD: Say oo oo!
Crowd: oo oo!
GD: Say oo oo!
Crowd: oo oo!
GD: What's up..What's up..What's up..What's up..What's up! (repeating it in rhymes, and hooted by obliging fans) 
GD: Now screammmmmmmmm...(yeah, we were screaming our lungs out!)
GD: What's up Malaysia! How you all feeling tonight? Are guys having fun??
Crowd: Yeah!!!
GD: Good...We're GD & TOP..We're gonna make you go crazy tonight..Show me your love alright!
Crowd: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
GD screamed: Are you ready??
Crowd: Yeahh!!
GD screamed: Are you ready??
Crowd: Yeahh!!
GD: What's next?
TOP: Let's go, Oh Yeah!

OH YEAH was next. There's no Park Bom, but MY-VIP filled up for her part effortlessly! It's the crowd’s favorite! Next, the 2 MC came out to interview the boys. Yeay!! More interview!

MC 1: Unbelievable..I'm standing next to LEGENDARY GD & TOP! (GD did the 90 degrees bow! owh, and TOP too..)
MC2: Okay..take your picture guys..Come on..come on..(they did some poses for the fans! Envy the lucky fans at the front!!) Look at all these flashes going on..unbelievable...
MC 1: Alright, what's your first impression of your fans here in Malaysia..give it up.. 
GD: What's up Malaysia!! Hi my name is Gdragon. Nice to meet ya'all..
MC 1: Er, TOP?
TOP: Nice to meet chu, I'm TOP! (Yeah, like we don't know!!!)
MC 1: You know, every time they are at the airport, I mean I see everyone waiting there; it’s amazing how popular these two are and the rest of the Bigbang as well. Now, how do you like Malaysia?
GD: Ah, it's amazing like I was really surprised because everybody knows about Bigbang and they were singing Korean. It's really cool. That why, I love this place. I LOVE YOU!
Crowd: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..We love you too!!
MC 1: You know when I was in S'pore, when Bigbang came last time, and then there was a girl approached me. She was like, oww you're DJ Young right? I was like yeah, I thought she was approaching me for me. She asked where's TOP???
MC 2: Owh no!! That is sad and embarrassing!
MC 1: Ermm..I don't know. I don't know where TOP is..
TOP: I'm right here.. (Answering candidly with his deep sexy voice)
Crowd: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
MC 2: I see fans holding up signs that says MARRRYY ME!! 
TOP: I'll marry you..(TOP's bias just died!)
Crowd: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
MC : GD, So this hair style is like a new hairstyle?
GD: Yeahh..I cut! (he says while holding his head..OMG, he's just freakin' cute like a boy!)
MC: It looks good, how do you like his new hairstyle?
Crowd: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
GD: You like?? You like?? (teasing the fans.. GD's bias just died and go to heaven!)
Crowd: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
MC: I just wanna say, Malaysian fans..We are so lucky tonight here. And what I'm gonna ask you to do now is, scream to the max!! Come on!
Crowd: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
MC: TOP, how do you feel? It's like the whole world is cheering for you guys..
TOP: Very good, chincha...(and then he started talking in Korean but the MC didn't translate them)
MC 2: Is there a plan for a Malaysia concert for BigBang?
Crowd: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....
MC 2: I think they have already speak, and that's the answer. Am I right?
Crowd: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....
GD: Okay..
MC : I'm gonna ask just one question. Are you ready to go crazyyyyyyyy??
Crowd: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
MC : You're gonna drive them crazy right?
GD & TOP: Yeah, okay..(Owh, come on! they already did!!)
MC: Let's scream for GD and TOP!
GD: Yeah!!
Of course, the club banger was next; the HIGH HIGH! Every time they sing this song, they just lifted the crowd onto a higher level! After Seungri's 3 songs, and GD & TOP 2 songs, the crowd was still pumping to rock with the duo. My favorite part was of course the Paper, Scissors, Pistol and Stone game they’d always play on stage during this song. I remember in KMW S'pore TOP was supposed to hit GD's cheek when he lost, but he caressed it gently instead! Kya, so cute! But this time they act like they are gonna box with each other! TOP suddenly said "You wanna fight with me??!!" But then he quickly ran to hug GD tightly and they both laughed! Ohmaigod!!!! Boys, we are dying here!!! It’s just feakin’ adorable! 
I don't know where they get their energy from (especially GD). They were jumping on  stage the whole time with no sign of fatigue  at all! (they performed at S'pore F1 show the night before). Forget about fan chant, we were practically singing the whole song together with Seungri, GD & TOP. High High left the crowd boosted with energy, but GD & TOP said goodbye before disappearing in a blink of an eye. 

The MCs came out and told us that was the end of the night. We were puzzled! No way! BB was the highlight of the concert! They just sang 3 songs each! They should have sung 5 songs each like the other groups or maybe more. We haven't heard any of the Big Bang songs yet!! We screamed for encore, waited for like 10 to 15 minutes but we saw the crew starting to dismantle the equipment. I just couldn't believe it! Oh my...people refused to bulge, which made the security pretty annoyed. (I read from some forums the organizer actually had to cut the concert short because they were behinds schedule. Damn the organizer! You sacrificed our GD & TOP & Seungri’s precious performance!) When I saw the crew shaking hands among each other, I knew that my love affair for the night has come to an end. 

They boys left a deep impression and make us longing for more. I bet  there’ll be a lot of MY-VIP attending the BIG SHOW CONCERT in Korea next year. And I know I'm one of them.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Journey to Korean Music Wave 2011 in M'sia part 1 : BIGBANG

Uri BIGBANG, be the undying stars in the sky! 
Warning! This fan account is a very long and self indulging post by a seriously ‘love sick’ VIP. I had to write every single detail of the event, as I do not know if I’ll ever encounter such an opportunity again. So, please read at your own risk!! XoXo!! 

I think I’m a very lucky VIP. I came only to know about Bigbang last Feb 2011 and yet I got the opportunity to see them performing live in my own country for the 1st time ever!! (Yes, you can yell at me my fellow VIP..I know deserved it..). Well, I do know a few Kpop groups but was never really into the Kpop scene. I was pretty curious to see their long awaited comeback spreading like a viral outbreak in all the Kpop websites! And of course, BIGBANG had me at LOVE SONG! Ohmaigod! Who are these 5 unique+awesome+dashing boys? How come I've never heard of them before? Where have I been all these years?? (Banging my head to the wall). Before I even knew it, I became one devoted VIP and the rest is history.The excitement of seeing our precious boys, GD and TOP and V.I (Seungri) from BigBang started from the DAY the KMW organizer in Malaysia confirmed the line up itself! I had planned my itinerary the best that I could, but I knew I can’t do much. Who am I kidding? What can you expect from a 30 years old ahjumma, 1st time Kpop concert go-er, and a new self proclaimed VIP like me?   

Pre-KMW Concert - Kuala Lumpur International Airport
On the 24thSept 2011, I took the first Electric Train Shuttle (ETS) from Perak to KL Sentral at 5.40am. Arrived in KL Sentral around 8.10am and went straight to the Airport Coach ticket counter. The bus to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) departed exactly 8.30am and arrived at the airport at 9.30am. It’s my first time in KLIA since most of the time I travels with budget airline at the LCCT terminal. Nevertheless, the excitement surpasses the hesitations! I asked for the direction from a girl in my bus. What do you know, she’s there to welcome BB as well!! Yeay..I met another fellow VIP! BB’s flight was scheduled at 10.50am, so we went to grab some breakfast at McDonald on level 5. I promised to meet up with a few of my forum buddies at the airport, and the atmosphere was so overwhelming! We were there for the same reason; Welcoming GD and TOP and Seungri to Malaysia for the 1st time! I could see various fan clubs with their banner waiting eagerly for our boys too.  

Guessing which passage the boys will exit was really mind boggling! Is it going to be the normal arrival hall? Or maybe the VIP passage? After much discussion we finally settled at the VIP passage level 5 since the other Kpop acts used the same passage when they arrived the night before. Each of us took our spot with all kinds of camera on standby. My spot was exactly next to the escalator. There was a glass partition, no so good for the camera recording but definitely good enough for my eye’s satisfaction! There were two Chinese girls standing next to me and they shared stories of bumping into Tae Yang and GD at the recent Vogue Fashion Show in Korea! They even showed me their photos! How cool was that!  

It’s already ½ hour passed their arrival time; still there was no sign of BB. The officer on duty was not really helpful either. Out of no where, someone screamed that BB will exit from arrival hall level 3! I felt someone pulled out my hands and subconsciously I ran together with the crowd to level 3. When we reached level 3, people started to give us the suspicious and annoyed looks (but they still give way for us to run!). One girl was talking on the phone for awhile, and suddenly told us to go up to level 5 again! So the crowd started to run, again. I ran half way, but decided to give up. That was it for me. I decided to just wait at level 3.  

Still panting, I heard people screaming and yelling “OMG, They are out side!!” Err, What?? Boragu??? How was that even possible? I was standing right in front of the international arrival gate! (It was discovered later that our boys were diverted to the Domestic arrival gate to avoid the crowd). This time, I gathered all my energy and stormed outside the airport. OH YEAH! I saw our freakin’ handsome boys in front of my very own eyes! As always, there were policemen and crew guarding them at all time. I was trying to see my GD closer but there were too many people at the front so I ran to the back of the crowd and guess what, I was walking behind TOP the whole time! And yes people, he is GORGEOUS, no doubt. TOP was wearing red leather jacket (it's hot here in Malaysia darling! Loose the jacket plzz!), a blue military hat and brown shades. I did saw Kim Boram (Tae Yang’s manager) and I was like oh my, is Tae Yang coming too? Nahh..No luck guys. Towards the end I saw a delicate creature, I saw my GD. He was wearing a green and white checked shirt, blue cap (his cap was unbutton, only GD can do that..), shades and a neck pillow. I saw Seungri earlier, but couldn't see him anymore when I got closer. He was already in the SUV, with the super dark tinted glass! (From my friend’s video cam below I could see that Seungri also wore a blue checked shirt and shades, and he looked so HANDSOME in person!). The SUV waited for a few minutes, so fans chanted and displayed their banners proudly for the boys. I wish they had lowered the window a bit, but they didn’t. One girl managed to shake hands with GD!! She sat flatly on the chair in disbelieved and I envied her so much! Well, I had my camera with me but I just lost my sense of direction when saw the boys! I end up capturing mostly the policemen, running fans, YG crew, TOP’s backside!! (Banging my head to the wall again!). It was the worst fan cam EVER!! 
TOP'S perfect jawline!

TOP's brown shades and navy blue cap..

TOP's red jacket
TOP's neck

SEUNGRI's backside
more SEUNGRI's backside..
SEUNGRI's legs!!

Tae Yang's Manager!
(Kim Boram)

I replayed the videocam like a gazillion times,
and the thing I managed to capture of uri GD is 

his neck pillow! Arghh!! 
But I must say Malaysian fans are still very courteous. Nobody attempt to grab or pull the boys or screaming hysterically, we just walk together with our boys but keep our distance and let our digicam and DSLR do the job. That’s why I don’t understand the needs for security to change their arrival gate at the very last minute just to divert loyal fans like us from greeting BB properly. The whole incident happened so fast, I still couldn't believe what I’ve just witnessed. It was too much for me to contain. Here's a more believable pictures of our boys from my friend's camera.
Who says GD didn't waved to the fans? 
He did! Briefly, but with style. Like "how ya'll doin' mate?"
Baby looking confident, 
as always.
Yeah, work it maknae!

GDragon & TOP.
Look at GD's unbutton cap!


Seungri walking calmly before 
the crowd noticed them outside.
Hunky Choi TOP. Spot the bunny 
cardboard & manager Kim 
carrying GD's porcupine knapsack?
Pre-KMW Concert - Double Tree by Hilton Hotel 
We exchanged our video recording and phone numbers at the airport. We also saw YG dancers came out from the international arrival hall after BB had left. My forum buddy coxed me into going to the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel with her car! was not even in my itinerary to go to that extend, seriously! Traffic was really heavy during lunch time. When we arrived at the hotel we couldn’t see the SUV, only the crew’s van. We asked some girls waiting outside but they heard BB will go straight to the stadium for sound check and only their crew has arrived at the hotel. 

Pre-KMW Concert - Merdeka Stadium 
Yup, our next pit stop was the Merdeka Stadium (venue for the KMW Concert). Though I doubt the boys will go straight for sound check before their lunch, we just had to try our luck. And this time, lady luck was not on our side. We were told that they will only come for sound check at 5pm. I didn’t follow this dear friend afterwards since another group of friends were waiting for me. (I met a lot of new friends because of BigBang! Yeay!). A lot of people already started camping outside the stadium! Some were distributing tickets and selling merchandises. I saw a big banner from Bigbangisvip fan site with Daesung’s, TOP, Seungri, GD & Tae Yang's pictures on it! Malaysia will wait for all 5 of you..  

Since it’s still early for the sound check we decided to go pick up another friend and get ready for the concert tonight. Oh my god, the waiting was nerve wrecking. Just a few hours more to go and I will be seeing GD & TOP and Seungri performing live!

The Clan