Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Mount Fuji from Mount Kachi Kachi

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Journey to Korean Music Wave 2011 in M'sia part 3 : BIGBANG

Post KMW Concert - Stadium Merdeka 

After the abrupt ending of the KMW Concert, my friends and I choose to linger in the stadium with quite a big crowd of VIPs. I guess we were still in a denial that BigBang’s performance already ended. The securities kept on instructing us to leave the stadium. With heavy hearts, we started to walk towards the right & left side of the stadium exit (stairs), but they had blocked the middle stairway instead with a few securities on standby. In a split seconds, there was a thunderous roar from the people at the stadium and we saw GD, TOP and Seungri’s slowly climbing the middle stairway in casual clothing and shades. I’ve never seen guys wearing sunshades in the middle of the night as HAWT as them before! I could see GD clearly, smiling and waving to the remaining crowd and there’s TOP and Seungri following behind him. Yeah…the screaming was endless!! We tried to get near them but to no prevail because of the securities. So we stormed outside with the hope to catch them before they ride the SUV. But again, they disappeared! Haha..It’s like they have a Doraemon magic door or something. But I was so damned satisfied! At least, it helped to cure my disappointment earlier. 

It was really a night of mix emotions for us. We were really high during our boy’s performances, the next moment we almost broke down in tears when the show ended. Before we knew it, we were all jumping in the air to catch the sight of GD, TOP and Seungri’s leaving the stadium. As we walked along the main road from the stadium to get back to our hostel, we couldn't stop expressing our feelings. Suddenly we heard a police siren in the middle of the moving cars. I saw 2 white vans following the police ride and we could see the people inside looking very Korean. We jokingly said that must be the YG dancers! Behind these vans was a white SUV with super dark tinted windows, exactly like the SUV that GD, TOP and Seungri’s rode at the airport! My brain instructed me to ZOOM at the car’s plate number. Ohmaigod!! I couldn't believe it’s the same freaking SUV!! DoubleDoubleDoublecombo!! (I know some of you might not believe me, but I've checked it many times from my friend’s video cam, just to be sure). I quickly screamed to my friends, HEY, IT’S THEM!! And all of us starts waving like a crazy women as the SUV passed by!

When we reached our hostel, we started texting our friends to find out where the boys are heading to and when is their flight back to Korea. Since we do not have access to internet, we were depending on them to update us Twitter, BB fansites and FB infos. Some says they went to Genting Highlands (famous theme park in Malaysia) right after the concert to chill   and will be going back with the 7am flight on Sunday. Some says they will depart at 11pm instead (which is impossible for me to go). OMG, it was so frustrating! I had set my phone alarm at 4am, and wake up everybody when it rang. We had a short meeting (while half asleep) and finally decided not to go the airport for the 7am flight because of the doubtful info. We went back to sleep but I kept checking my hand phone until the battery finally kaput! 

I decided to take the train back to my hometown after we had brunch. While waiting for our food, I  made a phone call to a friend from the public pay phone. It was approximately 11.30AM,  and that's when she dropped the bomb! Somebody updated on twitter that they saw GD & TOP and Seungri just departed to S'pore with the 11AM flight!!! I repeat, 11AM! I looked at my wrist watch and was like, pfffttttttttttttt!!! There were only a few fans at the airport, I guess not many people knew about it either. But still, we could have definitely catches them if we insisted on going for the 7am flight. Dangg...Yes, I'm still suffering from the heartache and heartbreak of this incomplete parting.  Come back soon boys, OR noona will have to hunt you down at the BIG SHOW CONCERT in Korea next year. Sigh.


  1. I love reading your fanaccount. Enjoy it so much. Wish I can write like you

  2. Owh! Thank you dear!! Hehe..I just write from my heart, I'm not that good tho. :) Glad I can share the experience with ya all...xoxo

  3. Wow.. Just finished reading... Why I just read this now.. Arghh.. I'm too much bawah tempurung~~~ I went there as well btw... Hehe.. Since at that time I went for Ft Island.. I was surprise with the crowd during GD&TOP esp.. Why everybody suddenly go crazy? It was calm before that.. And after that time I search for them but not a VIP yet.. Just a constant listener..

    I'm proudly a VIP now tho :-D

    p/s: Please give me tips how to meet others Malaysian VIP.. I'm a bit shy person and always feels that I'm too old.. I have the impression that most k-pop fan is teens or early 20s... I'm 33 btw~~~ That's why I always 'control' myself.. Only my family and close friends know my 'craziness' lol


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